Running a home
made easy

Meet your digital
home manager.

Running a home made easy

Meet your digital
home manager.

HomeHero makes running a home easy and stress free

We get that you have a million things to do. So we are here to take the admin side of running your home a home off your hands and help you make your house a home.

Set up and settled in

Easy communication with your landlord

Need something fixed? Just shoot off a message in the app.

Smart and easy home services

Bring together all your bills, giving you full visibility on everything.

Wi-Fi ready from day one

Services like broadband, energy, council tax and water set up by the time you’re in.

Energy and superfast broadband sorted

We supply your home with affordable, renewable energy. As well as broadband with speeds of up to 80Mb - perfect for streaming or working from home.

All of our contracts are rolling 30 day contracts so you have full flexibility and peace of mind.

Everything made easy

Home support and inspiration at the touch of a button.

Customer services support from 9am - 9pm

The app is your remote control to your home

Integration with your smart home devices

Flexibility with your bill payments

Headspace at home

We want to alleviate some of the mental burden of running a home. Less to-do lists and admin. More me-time.

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Feel like a local

We connect you to your local area with curated food, drink and fitness picks to help you get your bearings.

Phone screens showing the resident app experience

Meet our renters

Moving is stressful enough but HomeHero took a bunch of tedious things off my To-Do list. And having the support of a personal Hero is a massive bonus!

Lucy, London

Your Services Store

HomeHero will be plugging you into a marketplace of services to upgrade your home. Access whatever you need, all from the comfort of your sofa.

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