Our manifesto

What makes a house, A Home?

Having everything sorted. Bills set up. Wifi on. Chores done. Or is it something more intangible than that?

Sweet respite from a digital world where everything needs to be done yesterday and replied to now.
Where the future weighs on our minds like a long list of hurdles to overcome and things to do.

Is a home about headspace?




Less focus on what the home should have, contain, look like.  More on how the home should feel. How it should make us feel.

Content, safe, relaxed.


What’s the

Unfortunately, the modern home isn’t always so considerate of “me time”.

In fact, it eats your headspace for dinner, leaving you worn out and chored out, admin weary and blurry-eyed, chasing your tail and asking anyone who will listen - sincerely, but not without panic - How on earth do you manage?

Manage we do, because we have to.  

Life marches on, accumulating jobs to be done and problems to be handled. Tasks multiply tasks.  Good luck getting hold of your landlord. Nice try switching your supplier. Happy searching for a handyman you can trust.
The mental burden weighs heavy on your heart.

The modern

You see, the home has to work harder than ever for us. It needs to be fitted and kitted for more than just sleeping.

It’s your Zoom background. Your meditation corner. Your family home. Your green space. Your social stage. Your date night.

Don’t take your work home, they say, but the boundaries are getting blurry. And somewhere - in the habit of thinking, doing, deciding - the important bits of life get lost in the murky waters of cognitive overload.

But there is an alternative.

We believe that living at home should play out differently. It should be as easy as checking into a hotel. Faff free and straight to the enjoyment bit.

It should be simple and efficient.

Sign the lease and step over the threshold. Lights on. Utilities set up. Internet connected. The home comes alive at the touch of a button.  The necessary, handled.

A very warm welcome.

A time to enjoy.

You have time to actually enjoy your first evening at home. Time to think about where the rug will go. Time to invite people round. Time to stock up on nicer tableware. Time to FaceTime your family and give them the grand tour.

Of course, the demands of living will keep throwing obstacles your way but, when it comes to the home stuff at least, that’s taken care of.

Broken boilers are dealt with by someone who knows what they’re doing. Replacement sofas are taken care of by easy communication with your landlord. Local amenities are easily discoverable. Home services are on call.

No anxiety. No frantic Googling. No holding out...

...for an answer.

Welcome, Homehero

HomeHero makes
running a home easy.

We’re not obsessed with optimising,  streamlining, or filling your home full of smart tech and gadgets.
We’re about making it simple to manage your home - to save you the stress and free up your life. We are precious—positively pedantic—about insisting you put your feet up while we help make your house a home.

We believe in the human side to technology, in real life assistance and personality, paired with a cutting edge platform in your pocket.

We want you to enjoy your home. Really, we want you to enjoy your life.  

More minutes, more hours, spent doing what you want to do. Instead of what needs to get done.

More precious hours between work and sleep spent on old friends and new flatmates. On books and on side hustles. On hanging out with the most important people in your life, and on dates that could turn into something beautiful. On the big, meaty moments that make your soul soar and remind you that -yes! - there’s more to life than just managing.

We envisage a future where the mental burden has lifted and you’re free to enjoy your space.

Now you're Home.