Wouldn’t it be great to get back some of the time you spend on managing your home. Let HomeHero worry about a tidy living room, fresh laundry and groceries for your dinner.

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to-do lists and more.

Small things add up. That's where we come in. Leave the house cleaning, shirt ironing, furniture assembling to HomeHero.


Your very own hero.

Come home to find the supplies you ordered in the cupboards, so that all that’s left to do is put your feet up. That’s just one of the perks of having your very own hero.


Vetted professionals.

You don’t want someone practicing their ironing skills on your shirts. HomeHero only works with trusted pros. So you can rest assured that your things are in the best hands.


Instant messaging.

When you need something taken care of, no need to step out of that meeting to place a call. Just shoot us a quick message and we’ll get back to you within 60 seconds.


How it Works

1. Contact HomeHero

Whenever you need a hero, contact us via the web app, phone or email.

2. Tell us when works

Let us know what task we can fulfil and when and we will make it happen.

3. Make it one-off or recurring

Request one-off tasks or for recurring jobs. Schedule it once and we will take it from there.

4. Make it easier with a key

Leave a key with your hero during onboarding and you will never need to be home.


Pricing Estimates

HomeHero only works with trusted pros. So you can rest assured that your things are in the best hands.


£15 - £20 per hour

Furniture Assembly

£15 - £20 per hour


£25 - £30 per hour



Are you insured?

Yes, HomeHero is insured for up to £1mm towards theft and £2mm towards damages. Our professional partners are also insured.

How much does it cost?

You can use HomeHero whenever it suits you, but it will be possible to sign up for a subscription to include the services you want to use on an ongoing basis.

What can the heroes do for me?

Your hero can help you with any of your chores such as taking care of your groceries and stocking your fridge to tidying your home and picking up your laundry.

Who are HomeHero home managers?

Our home managers, or heroes, are locals in your area who are experienced and multi-skilled. They are fully vetted, responsible and friendly. They are the people you want looking after your home.