You have better things to do than worrying about your tariff or if your energy bill has been paid. HomeHero provides all your services on one platform. Quick and easy.

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One provider.

Energy, internet, council tax and water. We provide all your home services in one place so setting up a home is quick and easy.


One bill.

One bill gives you instant visibility on all your home services and outgoings. That means you’re in the loop, without having to do all the legwork.


Never on hold.

We don’t have an off switch and we won’t put you on hold. Message us 24/7 and we’ll get back to you within 60 seconds. Leaving you to get on with better things.


Zero contracts.

We want to make your life easier and that’s why we don’t do contracts. Should you ever want to switch to a different supplier, it should be faff-free.


How it Works

1. Set up  your bills

Choose from electricity, gas and internet. Select the services you need and we take care of the rest.

2. Set up your internet

Sign up for internet and we will send you a router. Our heroes are just a message away if you need any help.

3. Water & Council Tax

For a complete overview, easily set up your water and council tax bills via HomeHero.

4. One bill

Now that you have all your essential home services set up, you will have just one easy monthly bill.


Pricing Estimates

We don’t do contracts. Should you ever want to switch to a different supplier, it should be faff-free.


£30 - £60 per month


£25 - £50 per month


£28 per month



Is your energy green?

We are working hard to offer energy from 100% renewable sources in the near future, until then we plant trees to offset our combined CO2 emissions.

How much does HomeHero internet cost?

HomeHero internet is £28 per month, we don't do contracts so switching is faff-free.

How fast is HomeHero internet?

HomeHero internet is fibre broadband which offers speeds up to 40mbps, which means you can easily stream your favourite TV shows in 4K

Are you going to switch me to the cheapest supplier?

HomeHero will become your single supplier for your energy and your internet. And because we supply all your services we can always offer a fair rate without any contracts.