Have you ever caught yourself mid-chore thinking... “I have better things to do”

When it comes to managing a home, there are always a million things to do. From sorting out bills, to keeping the place clean, putting on another load of laundry, and taking a day off work to wait for someone to fix the boiler.

The thing is, time is the most valuable resource we have. So we want to give you back some of it, to find time for the things you love.

Enter HomeHero

HomeHero is your home manager, taking care of all the things around the home that you don’t want to do.

Just open up your chat, ask a hero to take care of something (anything!) around the home, and we’re on it. 24/7.

Our Mission

We believe in living your life to the fullest and finding time for the things that matter. This means taking household management off your hands, leaving you safe in the knowledge that the chores have been handled.

We want to be the heroes who give you back your time - to spend with family, with friends, on important work.

OuR Team

We work with local heroes near your home to deliver the best service possible. To be a hero you have to be three things:  Reliable. Friendly. Cheerful.

And in our London office, we hold our Heroes to the same standard.


For all your household services including Bills, Chores and Repairs



Access to your Hero so that you get help when you need it



Response time for time-poor renters and owners

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